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Bridge Tonin Casa
Tonin Casa

Bridge Tonin Casa

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Design: Angelo Tomaiuolo

Combination extendible tables with aluminium guide bar, top and extensions in tempered glass. The legs with the bridge shape are made with polyurethane injection technology in order to give a softer form, synonymous of simplicity and elegance. The fixed version is also available.

Structure finishing:

mat white

glossy  white

Glass top standard finishing:

transparent glass 
Extra-white glass transparent 
Extra-white glass white 
Extra white frosted white glass 
Black Glass 
Etched glass black 
Extra white frosted glass beige 
Extra-white glass champagne 
Bronze glass transparent 
Black ceramic coupled glass 
White ceramic coupled glass

Guide bar finishing extendible:

Mat white lacquered aluminium


L 160/240 x P 90 x H 75 cm Bridge  extendible

L 180/260 x P 90 x H 75 cm Bridge extendible

L 200/300 x P 100 x H 75 cm Bridge  extendible

L 200/300 x P 110 x H 75 cm Bridge  extendible

Price starting at € 2.445,00 € 2.844,00