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Brera Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Brera Cattelan Italia

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Design: Andrea Gulisano
Both totally in prestige wood or in painted steel and in crystal, the leaf-table Brera in immediately lovable. The modern and simple design includes that agreeable dose of elegancy which lets it furnish without taking in account the passing time.
Structure finishing:
Stainless steel
Varnished polished white steel
Polished mat graphite steel
Top finishing and extensions:
Extra clear white varnished tempered glass
Extra clear graphite varnished glass
160/210 x 90 x h 73.5 cm
180/230 x 90 x h 73.5 cm
200/268 x 104 x h 73.5 cm

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Brera Cattelan Italia
Price starting at € 2.993,00 € 3.326,00