Martinel Interior Furniture

Aron Bontempi

Aron Bontempi

Design: R&D Bontempi

Aron by Bontempi is available in the version fixed or extensible. The coupling between the wooden structure and the crystal surface makes this table light and elegant. It can be personalized with various colours and finishing, fitting any kind of styles. In the extensible version the 2 extensions run freely with a simple and exact opening system.

Advised the chair: Manik, Nubia, Sofia

Structure finishing:

wood: oak spessart, elm

Lacquered: white, sand, red, anthracite

Top and extensions finishes:

Trasparent extrawhite glass

Transparent smoked glass

gloss extrawhite glass

gloss dark brown lacquered glass

gloss dove grey lacquered glass


200 x 106 x h 75 cm fixed

250 x 106 x h 75 cm fixed

200/250/300 x 106 x h 75 cm extensible

Price starting at € 2.380,00 € 2.645,00

200 x 106 x h 75 cm

250 x 106 x h 75 cm

200/250/300 x 106 x h 75 cm

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