Mood structure mat lacquered

Mood structure glossy lacquered

Mood structure ecomalta

Mood Presotto - Sideboard

Martinel Interior Furniture

Mood Presotto

Mood Presotto

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Presotto REWIND, MOOD and Moving complanar sliding door sideboard, are some exemple of where innovation and beauty are not casual aspects but are the result of an all-Italian production cycle made of excellent quality and style.   
Mood sideboard with 2 coplanar sliding doors. The handle inserts are available in stone, aged oak,
matt or gloss lacquer, grey oak, color wood, ecomalta® and gold or silver leaf finishes. The contemporary sideboard can be fitted with an interior aluminium drawer that has a glass bottom panel that lets the inside of the compartment show through.


Structure finishing:

Mat lacquered

Glossy lacquered


Insert finishing:

Mat lacquered

Glossy lacquered

Aged oak

Stone 4 colors

Internal shelf finishing:

Transparent glass


201 x 49.6 x h 71.5 cm

Price starting at € 2.729,00 € 3.248,00

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