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Leaves Tonin Casa
Tonin Casa

Leaves Tonin Casa

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Design Angelo Tomaiuolo

Linear geometries and organic design define leaves, a collection of storage units that takes its inspiration from nature. The delicacy of a three dimensional printed leaf creates the most varied and original composition. For those who strongly desire a strongly personal living space, all to live, meant for a house that doesn't need to be big in order to be beautiful, but that is thought with functionality and personalization to give shape to each one's emotions.

Structural and drawers finishing:

Mat white

mat beige

mat mud


L. 125 x p 48 x h 79 cm

L. 240 x p 48 x h 79 cm

L. 125 x p 48 x h 138 cm


Price starting at € 1.894,00 € 2.203,00