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Explorer Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Explorer Cattelan Italia

Design: Paolo Cattelan

It is a class and elegance product. The sobriety of its simple and clean lines (liked today and that will be liked also tomorrow), are opposed to the high quality of the material and to the meticulous attention for the manufacturing. The dresser EXPLORER is proposed in the version with four or two shutters, varnished, lacquered or in precious wood, interior shelves in transparent crystal.

Structure finishing:

Painted matt graphite

Painted matt white

Lacquered glossy white

Doors finishing:

Canaletto walnut

Oak burned

Oak Heritage


140 x 45 x h 67 cm

280 x 45 x h 67 cm

Price starting at € 2.310,00 € 2.567,00

Explorer left 140 x 45 x h 67 cm

Explorer right 140 x 45 x h 67 cm

Explorer 280 x 45 x h 67 cm

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