Martinel Interior Furniture


Roy Talenti table

Design: Roberto Serio

Roy is present when it is necessary, it is a small foldable practical functional table, bright in its colours, the steel structure of a simple design is worked with particular brains to protect it from the weather changes and small accidents; rounded, squared or rectangular are its dimensions. The small table Roy with the chair Pretty and Smart form a set adjusted to each other in any place and in any situation.

Structure finishing:

White painted steel

Graphite painted steel

Yellow painted steel

Orange painted steel

Red painted steel

Apple green painted steel

Blue painted steel


70 x 50 x h 74 cm

70 x 70 x h 74 cm

110 x 70 x h 74 cm

Diameter 70 x h 74 cm

Price starting at € 77,00 € 111,00

50 x 70 cm

70 x 70 cm

110 x 70 cm

ø 70 cm

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