Martinel Interior Furniture

Ready Talenti table

Ready Talenti table

Design: Roberto Serio

Following the traditional lines, with lightness and fantasy of the designer and, adding the Talenti technology, the rectangular extensible or fixed table is ready to furnish the open spaces. Ready of the outdoor line has a young design, its structure is in treated steel in nanoceramics, cataforesi, painted with dust in different colours, the plane is laser holed; it is affirmed successfully with the style and forms both in private rooms and public rooms, Ready in combination with che chairs Lucky and Dream define with their own personality the surrounded environmets.

Structure finishing:

White steel

Graphite steel


160 x 80 x h 74 cm

180 x 90 x h 74 cm

200/270 x 90 x h 74 cm

Price starting at € 459,00 € 656,00

180 x 90 cm

200/270 x 90 cm

160 x 80 cm

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