Martinel Interior Furniture

Cloud Talenti table

Cloud Talenti table

Design: Studio Talenti

Simple and functional, the new stainless steel Cloud table, dove or graphite painted, is the way out in case of unexpected guests. Cloud is an extending table available in two different sizes: 160/240 and 200/300. The light and stackable Curvy chair completes the collection and it is the best outcome for Bar and Restaurants.

All the items have a steel frame treated with nano-ceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating.

Stackable chairs. Cloud extending table with turning table top. Dimensions: close (160×90), open (240×90), and (200×100), open (300×100).



Top and structure finishing:

Grafite steel

Toupe steel


160/240 x 90 x h 75 cm

200/300 x 100 x h 75 cm

Price starting at € 679,00 € 971,00

Cloud 160/240 x 90 x h 75 cm

Cloud 200/300 x 100 x h 75 cm

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