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Milo Talenti

Milo Talenti

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Design: Marco Acerbis

Romantic elegance. Attention to details. Tailored as a perfect dress. Touching is allowed, no, it is compulsory. These some of the ideas that I kept in mind while sketching this collection. The result is a very lively family of objects that have a strong character and yet do know their place without being to arrogant. It is soft yet rigid, colorful but with balance, modern but timeless.

Coffee table 110x60cm has a dove painted frame and a cream stone-glass top. Coffee table ø50, ø70 e ø100 have a white painted aluminium frame and a white painted aluminium top.


Structure finishing:

White alluminium

Toupe alluminium

Top finishing:

Stone glass cream

White alluminium

Toupe alluminium


110 x 60 x h 30 cm

Ø 50 x h 50 cm

Ø 70 x h 40 cm

Ø 100 x h 30 cm

Price starting at € 225,00 € 322,00