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New Retrò Domitalia

New Retrò Domitalia

Design: Fabrizio Batoni
An anonymous corner, in any open relax point, it can transform itself: the stackable chair New Retrò of Domitalia is the complement thought and made with important cunnings to offer an optimum solution and become desirable in all situations. Light, coloured and versatile with a modern design, made fully in polycarbonate easy to clean and totally recyclable, the bi-colour version of the chair created based on a unique shape with two-colour laid injection. New Retrò has conquered and inspired new ideas to live and enjoy daily.

Structure finishing:
Polycarbonate full  sand
Polycarbonate  fumè
Polycarbonate transparent
Backrest finishing:
Polycarbonate bordeaux

Polycarbonate full sand
Polycarbonate fumè
Polycarbonate transparent
53 x 46 x h 81.5 cm

Price starting at € 133,00 € 163,00

New Retrò

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