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Milo Talenti chair

Milo Talenti chair

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Design: Marco Acerbis

Romantic elegance. Attention to details. Tailored as a perfect dress. Touching is allowed, no, it is compulsory. These some of the ideas that I kept in mind while sketching this collection. The result is a very lively family of objects that have a strong character and yet do know their place without being to arrogant. It is soft yet rigid, colorful but with balance, modern but timeless.

Sinuous lines and colours in contrast are the characteristics of this chair,ideal for indoor and outdoor.


Structure finishing:

White alluminium

Toupe alluminium

Upholstered finish:

Cream fabric

Fabric darck brown


48 x 52 x h 82 cm

Price starting at € 161,00 € 231,00