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Teddy table

Teddy with light

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Community Myyour - Chair

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Community Myyour

Community Myyour

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Design: Moredesign

Tables and chairs merge into a single form. So Community becomes a metaphor of the aggregation that stimulates, in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the tables with Corian or Satin glass top, the Community system offers 6, 8 or 10 places and allows the outfitting of any public or private space. A sitting system with a table that looks like a corolla when it is closed. Once opened, it shows its ability to express the highest levels of comfort and to provide the most welcoming sensations. Community offers solutions that can intertwine freely in terms of appearance... colorful and functional thanks to the availability of four basic elements: the Lucy chair, the smallest and most comfortable, the Rhonda armchair, wider thanks rotazionale verniciatura to its armrests, and a selection of Mr. Teddy and Joe tables. The firstoffers a comfortable and pleasant sensation, which is enlivened by a light source that is installed in its Nbase, and the second is sought forN and elegant with its 316 steel base. One can choose from different models that seat 4, 6, 8 or 10 people. The various compositions of chairs and armchairs that are offered by the Community system areavailable in the following versions: embossed print or an array of glossy paints (the same ones that are available for Myyour collections). The same can be said for the Mr. Teddy table, which is only available in a neutral color when the version with the base light is selected. The Rhonda armchair has an indentation so that it can be moved easily and a gutter to evacuate water when it rains. For the Mr. Teddy table, however, the difference lies within the details: the slight curvature of its top has been created to facilitate water evacuation (the internal tube can be screwed tight to maintain inclination even in the presence of plants or other weights) and the low-power vertical neon kit that illuminates the surrounding area without blinding anyone. It also has other features such as a plate to fix the table to the ground in case of wind or simply to prevent it from being stolen. The base can also be fixed to the ground with sand.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered

Top finishing:

Extrawhite frosten glass

Extrawhite glass


Solid Core HPL white

Solid Core HPL black


83 x 51 x 72 cm Community Rhonda

55 x 55 x 72 cm Community Lucy

ø 90 x h 73 cm Community table Joe 4

147 x 73 x h 73 cm Community table Joe 6

202 x 92 x h 73 cm Community table Joe 8

257 x 92 x h 73 cm Community table Joe 10

ø 79.5 cm x h 72.5 cm Community table Teddy

ø 79.5 cm x h 72.5 cm Community table Teddy with light

ø 79.5 cm x h 72.5 cm Community table Teddy with light RGB

28 x 37.5 x 0.3 cm Teddy plate



Community 4 composition (4 Rhonda + 1 Teddy / Joe ø 90 cm)

Community 6 composition (4 Rhonda + 2 Lucy + 1 Joe L 147 cm)

Community 8 composition (4 Rhonda + 4 Lucy + 1 Joe L  202 cm)

Community 10 composition (4 Rhonda + 6 Lucy + 1 Joe L  257 cm)

Price starting at € 57,00 € 68,00

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