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Tender Talenti

Tender Talenti

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Tender is a garden seating area that consists of a two-seat sofa, armchair, pouf and a coffee table. The basic structure is in white aluminum while upholstered seat - back are coated in fabric color papyrus and fabric color mélange, all complemented by decorative cushions. The special weave back adds a touch of elegance and design. The living room set is completed with a coffee table with a square base, aluminum frame and white tempered glass printed combined with the structure; pouf has the same features of the sofa which makes it perfect to create a chaise lounge. Tender has a sleek modern design suitable for terraces, dehors and gardens.

Each element is sold separately.

For additional protection, we recommend the use of our PVC covers in the winter season or in the evening in case of frequent rainy periods.

Structure finishing:

White painted Aluminium

Seat finishing:

Papyrus fabric

Mélange grey

Pillows finishing:

Denim line fabric

Denim fabric

White natte fabric

Mélange grey

White light


105 x 210 x h 78 cm sofa

105 x 105 x h 78 cm armchair

105 x 105 x h 34 cm pouff

105 x 105 x h 19 cm coffee table

Price starting at € 844,00 € 1.206,00