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Patch Talenti

Patch Talenti

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With modern and square design, Patch couch or chair furnishes any kind of open spaces, with style and youth. The decoration of its texture created with textilene and excellent resistance to climatic variations make it unique, practical and durable. It will be not unnoticed by your guests!

For additional protection, we recommend the use of our PVC covers in the winter season or in the evening in case of frequent rainy periods.

Structure finishing:

White painted Aluminium

Graphite painted Aluminium 

Seat finishing:

Dove grey Textilene

Fabrc grey

Coffee table top finishing:

Tempered silk-screen printed glass, matt


94 x 94 x h 62 cm end sofa

94 x 76 x h 62 cm central sofa

94 x 94 x h 62 cm corner sofa

94 x 112 x h 62 cm armchair living

76 x 76 x h 38 cm pouf

76 x 76 x h 20 cm coffee table

Price starting at € 506,00 € 723,00