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New York Talenti

New York Talenti

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Design: Technical Department Talenti

It is great outdoor complement family which make up the New York collection. You can choose between sofas, armchairs or modular elements, including poug and small table. The modern line is compact, the covering is in wicker with pleasant texture, the cushions of sitting have transparent cloth which is washable and water-repellent.

The pouf, big or small, is combined with the sitting, it creates the pleasant and relaxing long chair “chaise longue”. It is possible to choose two different colours of the elements and cushions.

Compose in the best way your space to be relaxed with style.
Option the PVC sheet for the outer cover.
Structure finishing:
Wicker fibre White washed
Wicker fibre Dark
Breathable fabric hazelnut
Breathable fabric creme
Top finishing:
Tempered glass
Feet finishing:
160 x 82 x h 72 cm  sofa
94 x 82 x h 72 cm  armchair
82 x 82 x h 72 cm  corner sofa

135 x 82 x h 72 cm Central 2 seater sofa

69 x 82 x h 72 cm Central 1 seat sofa

82 x 82 x h 41 cm  big pouf
57 x 57 x h 50 cm  small pouf 

Price starting at € 254,00 € 349,00