L 500 x P 400 x H 255 cm

L 400 x P 400 x H 255 cm

L 400 x P 300 x H 255 cm

Upper wood Talenti - Accessories

Martinel Interior Furniture

Upper wood Talenti

Upper wood Talenti

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Design: Technical Department Talenti

It has a particular elegancy, with its wood structure and swallow nest joints, Upper Wood is the outdoor accessory which is different. There are three the available sizes to live in the best way in the open air, its stand is in acrylic white fabric and shifts on rails, upper Wood is the pergola that Talenti offers with style, design and high quality on the Made in Italy known in the world.

Structure finishing:

Dove grey brushed wood

Mat white wood

Sliding shading finishing:       

White fabric




400 x 300 x h 255 cm

400 x 400 x h 255 cm

500 x 400 x h 255 cm


Price starting at € 2.895,00 € 4.137,00

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