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Parasol Talenti

Parasol Talenti

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Design: Technical Department Talenti

This proposal of Talenti is original and very interesting. Parasol is a retractable beach umbrella with aluminium structure, made up of 7 interchangeable sticks, provided with led lights and a central spherical lamp, the hole illumination is with rechargeable batteries fed with solar panels, placed on the top of its big umbrella and with feeding device, besides, the windproof place is a valuable detail. Parasol is the accessory to live during the day and night its modernity and its practicality is unique and original.

Structure finishing:

White lacquered steel

Base finishing:

Polypropylene white

Cloth finishing:

White fabric


400 x 300 x h 335 cm Parasol

350 x 350 x h 335 cm Parasol 2.0

Price starting at € 1.270,00 € 1.815,00