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Loop/ Pure loop Infiniti

Loop/ Pure loop Infiniti

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Design: Claus Breinholt

Pure Loop is a stool with or without arms, with a sliding structure in chromed steel with footrest. Slender silhouette, modern design, ideal for the kitchen and dinning room it perfectly integrates, it's lovable because of its simplicity, welcome and appreciated for the comfort.

One-piece shell in clear or opaque SAN.

Available in two heights.

Optional: felt seat panel.

Version with fabric upholstered one-piece shell.

Structure finishing:

Acciaio cromato

Seat finishing:

Transparent SAN Ice

Transparent SAN Smoke-grey

Solid colour SAN White

Solid colour SAN Red

Solid colour SAN Black

Solid colour SAN Green leaf

Solid colour SAN Orange

Solid colour SAN Silica grey

Polypropylene White

Polypropylene Black

Polypropylene Red

Polypropylene Khaki green

Polypropylene Sand

Polypropylene Carrot orange




Seat panel  finishing:



55 x 54.5 x h 100.4 cm Pure loop kitchen stool

55 x 57.5 x h 110.5 cm Pure loop bar stool

43 x 44 x h 81 cm Pure loop mini kitchen stool

45 x 47 x h 93 cm Pure loop mini bar stool

63 x 54.5 x h 100.4 cm Loop kitchen stool

63 x 57.5 x h 110.5 cm Loop bar stool

58 x 44 x h 83 cm Pure loop mini rod kitchen

58 x 44 x h 94 cm Pure loop mini rod bar

45 x 44 x h 93 cm Pure loop mini 4 legs bar


46 x 46.5 x h 85.5/95.5 cm Pure loop mini updown

Price starting at € 105,00 € 141,00