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Summer Arms Baxter

Summer Arms Baxter

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Design: Paola Navone

It is a chair with armrests: "Summer Arms", the piece of furniture, the object of design of Paola Navone for Baxter. Like the namesake armchair, "Summer Arms" is not only a strange chair with clean lines and a modern design, it is a style, it is an exclusive piece. She as well to the tact is important as well as the sight, the covering of "Summer Arms" in fact, is top quality of Baxter leather production: Plume or Kashmir are the leathers with a precious uniqueness.

At the choice in version normal or with wheels.

Covering finish:



57 x 67 x h 70 cm

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57 x 67 x h 70 cm

57 x 67 x h 70 cm with wheels

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