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Loop/ Pure Loop Infiniti

Loop/ Pure Loop Infiniti

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Design: Claus Breinholt

A distinctive touch of glamour for this selection of stackable chairs with or without arms. They are surprisingly comfortable and welcoming.

One-piece shell in clear or opaque SAN.

Multilayer engineered 3D wooden, or 3D wooden Vinterio version with top quality 100% natural wood surface, one-piece shell bends to the design, curving in three dimensions without breaking.

4-leg frame in chromium-plated or satin-finish steel, with jointed feet.

Chromium-plated steel sleigh frame.

Aluminium swivel frame.

4-leg frame in solid beech, natural varnished or white lacquered.(Loop)

Optional: felt seat panel.

Version with fabric upholstered one-piece shell.(Loop)

Structure finishing:

Chromed steel

Satin steel


Natural beech solid wood

White painted beech solid wood

Seat finishing:

Ice transparent SAN 

Smoke-grey transpatrent SAN 

White opaque SAN 

Red opaque SAN 

Black opaque SAN 

Green leaf opaque SAN 

Orange opaque SAN 

Grey siliceo opaque SAN 

Polypropylene white

Polypropylene black

Polypropylene red

Polypropylene green kaki

Polypropylene sand

Polypropylene orange



Ecological leather

Whitened oak plywood

Wengè oak plywood

Natural oak plywood 

Wengè beech plywood 

Natural beech plywood 

Classic black plywood

Classic brown plywood

Classic amazakoue elegant plywood

Nimbus sapeli plywood

Stratus superior plywood


57.5 x 52.9 x h 82.5 cm Pure loop 4 legs

59 x 51.5 x h 78 cm Pure loop 3d wood 4 legs

57.3 x 49.2 x h 79.7 cm Pure loop sledge/ Pure loop 3d wood sledge

67 x 67 x h 79.7 cm Pure loop swivel

51.5 x 47.3 x h 51.5 cm Pure loop wooden legs

 57.5 x 53 x h 82.5 cm Loop 4 legs

53.3 x 65.5 x h 70.4 cm Loop sledge

67 x 67 x h 82.7 cm Loop swivel

51.7 x 63.4 x h 79.8 cm Loop wooden legs

53 x 59.1 x h 80.9 cm Loop 3d wood/ vinterio 4 legs

53.3 x 60.5 x h 70.4 cm Loop 3d wood/ vinterio sledge

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Loop/ Pure Loop Infiniti
Price starting at € 85,00 € 122,00