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Boss Executive Bench Riva 1920

Boss Executive Bench Riva 1920

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The bench is entirely made of solid wood. It draws inspiration from the design of the Boss Executive Table. The legs cross over the seating board and are realized out of tree trunk sections. Any cracks or splits in the table legs, before or after sale, are to be considered typical features of solid wood that, as it ages and becomes seasoned, moves according to different conditions of setting and humidity of the air. Available only in oak and walnut with knots.

Structure finishing:

Walnut with knots - oil

Oak with knots - oil

Whitened oak, wax



180 x 45 x h 45 cm

200 x 45 x h 45 cm

220 x 45 x h 45 cm

240 x 45 x h 45 cm

260 x 45 x h 45 cm

280 x 45 x h 45 cm

Price starting at € 1.682,00