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Skyline Mabele

Skyline Mabele

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Design: Antonio Farina

Original wall bookcase.

Skyline comes from a corporate Brief, that asked to carry out a project of a library that comes off from being a product where to store and place books and objects, but also to have an identity of decorative furniture, just like a picture attached on the wall. Skyline is inspired by modern landscapes of the great metropolis that often are taken from photographs, prints, and you can see  hanging on the walls of the interior spaces such as a studies and living rooms. Skyline comes with boxes depicting in a stylized way and different heights the skyscrapers of modern cities, which gives its identity, divides the spaces and acts as a bookmark.

Complete of kit for wall mounting




White / Green / Orange

Black / Green / Orange


186 x 17,5 x h 86 cm

130 x 17,5 x h 70 cm

90 x 17,5 x h 110 cm

Price starting at € 1.197,00 € 1.330,00

186 x h 86 cm

130 x h 70 cm

90 x h 110 cm

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