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Battikuore Mabele

Battikuore Mabele

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Design: Giorgio Giorgis

Original design for this library. The metal like a canvas to hang and a clear message fromthe name Battikuore. It 's a wall element that furnishes and at the same time accepts books and beloved objects to point out and keep in full view. Besides the classic paints, you can customize Battikuore with the treatment BACK TO THE NATURE giving it an ancient charm and making it unique and different from all the others.

Complete of kit for wall mounting

White / Red 

Black / Grey

Black / Red

Grey / Orange

Rust / White

Rust / Grey

Back to the nature / White

Back to the nature / Black

Back to the nature / Grey


186 x 16,5 x h 101 cm (2 or 3 shelfs a choice)

130 x 16,5 x h 87 cm (2 shelfs)

90 x 16,5 x h 127 cm (vertical whit 3 shelfs)

Price starting at € 949,00 € 1.055,00