Billo L 102 x P 215 x H 94 cm (mattress size 90x200)

Billo L 133 x P 215 x H 94 cm (mattress size 120x200)

Mister Billo  L 99 x P 215 x H 81 cm (mattress size 90x200)

Mister Billo  L 129 x P 215 x H 81 cm (mattress size 120x200)

Billo Bonaldo - Beds

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Billo Bonaldo

Billo Bonaldo

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Design: CRS Bonaldo (2013).

A bed that can be personalized to satisfy everyone's tastes. Dedicated to whoever wants to be the main player in their environment through their own personal touch. Express yourself.

The Billo cover can be chosen from an infinite variety of fabrics: as well as having a removable cover, it can also be personalized with an embroidered message.

Optional plexiglas feet.

N.B. The price includes the bed base with slats.





Finishings feet:

Anthracite gray painted natural wood

Moka painted natural wood

Silver painted metal

Transparent plexiglas H 24 cm (Billo) H 31 cm (Mister Billo )


102 x 215 x h 94 cm (mattress size 90x200) Billo

133 x 215 x h 94 cm (mattress size 120x200) Billo

99 x 215 x h 81 cm (mattress size 90x200) Mister Billo 

129 x 215 x h 81 cm (mattress size 120x200) Mister Billo 

Price starting at € 930,00

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The reviews of our customers

Bimbe felici!! 01 October 2015

Ne abbiamo presi due per le nostre bambine, con la personalizzazione rosa del tessuto cat. 900. Stanno davvero bene nella stanza esattamente come nella foto <3 !!