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2054 Myyour

2054 Myyour

Design:Valerio Cometti + V12 Design

‘2054’ it’s a modular system thought both indoor and outdoor world. ‘2054’ translate a minimal and futuristic design, still actually 40 years after its launch but in the mean time with a recall to eighties shapes. It introduces a versatile concept of modularity that permit with a simple hang, to offer a single armchair or a composable sofa of variable lengths. The linear movement of the seats follow this language done of flat surfaces and circular connection: such elegance of shapes permits to give more importance to finishing and coatings.Depending on the needs, thanks to a simple system of hooks it becomes armchair or modular sofa from infinite length. There are 3 modules available for 2054: the side, the rigid poleasy seat for the outdoor version and upholstered seat with removable cloth for the indoor version. It's realized in different colors in both fully Poleasy one-piece, and upholstered seat version, where the seat in foam clothed with fabric is coupled to the always Poleasy base. The available finishes for the bases are embossed, mysofty and glossy. This sofa can also be supplied with cable rechargeable 5 W RGB light controllable with remote control, with energy saving bulb with a maximum of 32 W (not included) or with remotely controllable RGB bulb. To complete the 2054 family could not miss the related table: it is made in different colours in embossed, mysofty and glossy version and if lighted, with the same characteristics of the sofa base.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered





69.5 x 93 x h 79 cm 2054 only structure for  upholstery

69.5 x 79 x h 65 cm 2054 upholstery

93 x 10 x h 75 cm 2054 armrests

69.5 x 93 x h 79 cm 2054 monoblock

69.5 x 93 x h 79 cm 2054 monoblock with light

69.5 x 93 x h 79 cm 2054 monoblock with RGB light

93 x 75 xh 40 cm 2054 table

93 x 75 xh 40 cm 2054 table with light

93 x 75 xh 40 cm 2054 table with RGB light

Price starting at € 328,00 € 386,00


Monoblock with light

Monoblock with RGB light

Armchair without upholstery

Upholstery armchair

Without upholstery 2 sittings sofa

Upholstery 2 sittings sofa

Without upholstery 3 sittings sofa

2054 table

2054 table with light

2054 table with RGB light

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