40 x 40 cm

80 x 80 cm

Dadox Cattelan Italia - Pouf

Martinel Interior Furniture

Dadox Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Dadox Cattelan Italia

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Design: Giorgio Cattelan.

Cubic or parallelepiped, Dadox Pouff performs as holding base or pouf. It is lucid in its material and fully captures the sight and furnishes with original modernity, it looks to the future, knowing to be always actual and pleasant and it is prideful of its simplicity. Dadox Pouff is on wheels.

The small irregularities of reflection are because the manual workings.

Structure finishing:

Stainless steel


40 x 40 x h 43 cm

80 x 80 x h 43 cm

Price starting at € 829,00 € 922,00

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