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A song for you Saba

A song for you Saba

Design: Paolo Grasselli

With seven notes you can create countless melodies and with two tables you can create multiple compositions. It is a small addition that, thanks to two holes on top and two different heights, becomes a compositional unit that can be configured in endless ways. Each table is functionally independent and can be used individually. Two tables can create a symphony of shapes allowing more complex compositions and new uses. Featuring the possibility of placing a specifically designed cushion on the table top, this new table provides a creative way of decorating the living area as well as contract areas. With legs made of solid beech wood and top available in white lacquered MDF or natural zebrano plywood, A SONG FOR YOU discreetly blends in with the environment. The addition of colorful cushions enhances its personality and visual appeal.

Structure finishing:

Solid beech wood natural

Top finishing:

White matt lacquered MDF

Zebrano veneered multilayer wood

Cushion finishing:



75 x 50 x h 26 cm

75 x 50 x h 40 cm

75 x 50 x h 6 cm Cushion

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A song for you  h 26 cm Pouf

A song for you  h 40 cm Pouf

A song for you h 26 cm low coffee table

A song for you h 40 cm high coffee table

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