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Drop Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Drop Cattelan Italia

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Design: Pierpaolo Zanchin.

Cattelan proposes Drop: the complement which holds the bottle in a new and singular way. With a form of a big steel lucid drop, it can hold a small

wine collection or become a bookholder and bottleholder at the same time. Not being exceeding, Drop is fitted to the domestic wine-bar corner.

Structure finishing:

Polished stainless steel

White painted steel

Black painted steel

Graphite painted steel

Titanium embossed steel

Rack and shelf finishing:

Mat black varnished steel

Mat white varnished steel

Mat Graphite varnished steel


70 x 23 x h 121 cm

Price starting at € 1.230,00 € 1.366,00