Vietato Bagnarsi

Vietato Bagnarsi Cattelan Italia - Coffee table

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Vietato Bagnarsi Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Vietato Bagnarsi Cattelan Italia

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Design: Giulio Lazzotti (2014)

The small table “VIETATO BAGNARSI” of Giulio Lazzotti is the ideal combination of glass lightness and stone strength: the base is in marble with a particular effect, remembering the sea erosion on the cliff, on them there are the real marble lucid black or white transparent flippers, as those of a dolphin, going up to the water surface, while the plane is in crystal.

Structure finishing:

Green Appuano marble and petit granit

Top finishing:

Clear glass


145 x 115 x h 37 cm


Price starting at € 5.270,00 € 5.856,00

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