Tectonic with wire top

Tectonic with solid top

Tectonic Bonaldo - Coffee table

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Tectonic Bonaldo

Tectonic Bonaldo

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Design: Alain Gilles

Original small tables. Frame: painted steel. Top: wire or solid. These are simple objects, their non-static shape allows for unusual geometries produced by creatively combining several of these tables together.

If you look at the table from above, you can clearly see the table top has a rose design. This is how a simple, stylised object appeals both to our rational and geometric side and to our more romantic side.

Frame finish:

Painted glossy white

Painted glossy black

Painted mat anthracite grey

Painted glossy red

Painted glossy blue

Painted glossy violet


51 x h 35 cm

51 x h 43 cm

Price starting at € 175,00

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