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Muffin  Bonaldo

Muffin Bonaldo

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Design: Ryosuke Fukusada

A coffee table or a seat? American, like the famous muffins it draws its inspiration from, Japanese, like Ryosuke Fukusada who designed it, or Italian, like Bonaldo who produces it? It is difficult to tell, because in both its concept and multi-functionality, Muffin embodies aspects which are now common to all of modern society. A large number of objects are produced and consumed quickly in modern-day society. These include a lot of products tied to packaging or padding which cannot be seen. Nonetheless these products involve a more intricate design than people would think. Designing a piece of furniture using characteristic elements of such products can recreate the familiarity and functionality of everyday life objects. (Ryosuke Fukusada)

Muffin has a batch-dyed polyethylene frame available in white, anthracite, red, dove-grey and green.

Available also in a version with light (Muffin Light). This version comes only in white and containains a fluorescent light inside.

Frame finish:


Mat white

Mat anthracite grey

Mat red

Mat dove grey

Mat bronze

Top finish:

Mat white painted

Mat anthracite grey painted


Ø  47  x h 42 cm

Price starting at € 165,00