Ø 65 x h 30 cm

Ø 45 x h 40 cm

Gong Pacini & Cappellini - Coffee table

Martinel Interior Furniture

Gong Pacini & Cappellini
Pacini & Cappellini

Gong Pacini & Cappellini

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Design: Studio Tecnico Paini&cappellini

Double function for the modern Gong coffe table Pacini & Cappellini. Bedside table or coffe table wherever you position it, can also become a comfortable and practical tray. Featuring a timeless design, Gong knows become irreplaceable.

Structure finishing:

Natural ash

Ash painted wengé

Ash painted walnut

Ash painted tobacco

Matt lacquered open pore


Ø 45 x h 40 cm

Ø 65 x h 30 cm

Price starting at € 361,00 € 531,00

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