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Broncio Infiniti
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Broncio Infiniti

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Design: Filippo Mambretti

Cute, simple, useful, this' a complement, rather, a family of elements by unique originality. Each element is a surprise, the design of Broncio is the result of an inspiration become beauty.

Suitable in every situation: elegant in the night spaces (?), helpful and spontaneous with kids, practical and functional with anyone, indoor outdoor, sea, mountains ..... everywhere, and guess what ..... one can put inside! Everything, there may even be all necessary to a Sunday fisherman.

Structure finishing:

White/ White

White/ Yellow

White/ Gris

White/ Green

Neutral/ neutral for the version with lighting


Diameter 46,3 x h 49,8 Broncio stool high version

Diameter 46,3 x h 77,8 cm Broncio stool low version

Diameter 75 x h 101,8 cm Broncio table

Preis ab € 149,00 € 187,00